New application of payments for environmental services: LandsCare.

Landscare, besides being a web page is a guide that explains the landscape, fauna and flora of a particular place. It is an application designed to preserve biodiversity and maintain our cultural heritage. In this way, he main purpose is to revitalize the countryside by giving value to the landscape that surrounds us.

Logotipo Lands Care

Logo Lands Care

It is a payment for environmental services landscape (PSC) mechanism. Although download is free and works as a soft-phone application. It also offers a passport or online travel book and a network of  conservation organizations, commercial and corporate social responsibility of companies that announce their activities.

This application emerged from the research of Pablo Martínez de Anguita on the payment of environmental services and Gonzalo de Zulueta expert in project management technology and the Confederation of farmers of Spain, which main goal is to bring  together most of the forest and non-forest owners (COSE).

In Spain there are around 2 million land-owners, more than 200 entities of custody and 2100 custody agreements, all of them responsible to maintain their territories biodiversity.

In Order to support this, is the purchase of a few stamps, which represents the different places visited and which can be done through the application. The custodians and associated companies can upload your information to LandsCare and this users can buy these stamps as they travel through the different places. The benefit obtained of this purchase is going to go directly for the persons who guard the nature.

If it’s a local custodian, it can announce his local offer, give promotions and national sales and show his local or global commitment with the Environment.

If you are a local business or a large enterprise, you can promote local supply, offer promotions and national sales and show its local or global commitment to the environment.

If this is an owner of an estate, it can tell what custody, the natural and cultural values that has and thus receive a micro- profit when someone buy seal belonging to its place. In addition, he can also sell tickets to access parts of its property to carry out recreational activities, routes…

How does it work?

This app gives you an interactive tourist guide and geolocation of Spain on your mobile.

Lands Care

App Mobile

It shows you all the information in advance when you want to make a consultation of a certain zone and thus be able to plan your route at home, but also when you are near the place through the application.

Lands Care


To use it, you don’t need to register, but if you do, you get a “Passport” in which you can add seals of the places that you visit, generate new sites on your “travel books” and denounce what is not well maintained. In addition, as places are visited, the own traveler can propose new stamps which would benefit the custodians of the town and the conservation of the landscape.

Libro de viajes Lands Care

Travel book Lands Care

In this travel book,  the traveler can be guarding his adventures and the information contributed by other persons who have been finding of these places. This Passport or travel book is free of charge and shared access, however, once you want to have this book, you should pay because a source of income is required to maintain this mechanism of local development. At the same time, the traveller can buy his stamps and stick them on his passport, where is going to be ascending of category of being a Vole to being an Artic Tern.

Thanks to this new application, you will be able to value more the landscape that surrounds us and help to preserve it, since gradually more and more areas can become places of cultural interest and it would be possible preserve better their biodiversity.

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