Piplantri and its wonderful tradition of planting 111 trees for each girl who is born.

In a small village called Piplantri in the Western State of Rajasthan (India), in the last seven years, there has been done a very positive practice for the environment, as well as for the importance of the women in that society.

This new tradition consists in that for every girl who is born in Piplantri, 111 fruit trees are planted around the village. Besides, 10.000 rupees are collected and deposited in an account for the future of the girl.

Mujeres de Piplantri

Piplantri´s women with the trees to be planted

Aldeanas plantando un árbol

Women of the village planting a tree.

Thanks to this initiative, the girls gain value in this type of countries, since it is well known that parents prefer their children to be men instead of women so they could help them farming and thus contributing to the economy of the Family.

The villagers contribute economically as well as the parents, with 180 extra dollars. This contibutions are very positive for the Girls, since they Ensure their future from generation to generation.

This practice was started by the former leader of the village Shyam Sundar Paliwal in honor of his daughter who had died in an early age. Paliwal, convinced that women have the same rights and importance than men, wanted to make sure that women had  the same opportunities, for this reason he said “We ask parents to sign a sworn statement promising that they will not force their daughters to get married before the legal age and that they will take care of the trees planted in their name”. The girls will have a better future , and also they will grow together with the forest that will remain as a legacy in their future.

Aldeanas cuidando de sus árboles

Villagers decorating the trees

Piplantri girl with a better future

Piplantri´s girl with a better future

Since this wonderful tradition started, the villagers of Piplantri have planted 25.000 trees, forming a large forest belonging to the youth and which will continue to grow after each new generation of girls, creating a prosperous development of the life of the inhabitants of Piplantri. Besides this tradition, they have custom planting eleven trees with each death to honor the memory of the deceased.

The Indian Government has awarded the initiative for its combination of environmental and social concern.


Piplantri´s forest.


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